Service Category: Performance


Unlike other companies who place their executives at the top, dictating from on high down to the hourly workers below, at Call Master Solutions, we invert the pyramid, understanding that our front-line employees have the most important jobs in the company, as it is their ideas, feedback, and passion that will keep our business growing.

We train remotely or in office. We have virtual classroom sessions and hold daily one-one video conferencing for training, coaching and meetings for our at home agents. We strongly believe that giving our staff the right support is vital for their success.


Our Human Resource team has years of experience recruiting the best candidates to fill the positions on any given project.

We advertise locally as well as use social media platforms so we are able to recruit and train and grow campaigns on a fast track if needed. Just let us know your needs for growth and we will make it happen!

With our advanced vetting and interview process we are able to not only find the right people but also retain them for long term successful employment.

Work from home

With the current challenges facing the global workforce we have divisions that from work from home as well as an office environment.

We know how to manage, communicate, supervise and perform with a team that works remotely from home. Our success in developing the right processes and oversight means we are able to offer the same high quality service to our clients in both environments.

Team Leadership

Our leadership team are dedicated and passionate about what we do. We know the importance of having an elite middle management team.

People who can motivate, inspire and lead by example. We have ongoing leadership training and stick to our core values.

• Lead – Aligning people behind a vision of how to serve customers and setting and reaching internal and client expectations.

• Engage – Getting the team to enjoy their work in a way that also improves customer experience and improves sales performance.

• Perform – Helping the team get better and setting targets and goals that link to the service vision and keep our clients happy.

• Connect – Connecting with people across the organization to improve business performance.


Quality Control

We know the importance of quality and compliance.

Our QA team are trained to the highest standards to always meetand exceed our client expectations.

Our QA agents are experts at listening to calls, finding trends, utilizing tools and putting corrective measures in place.